Country 96, KWWR, has one of the most experienced air-staffs in mid-Missouri.

We are proud to share our day with you.


Tim comes to Country 96 from the wilderness of Montana. He has wresteled grizzly bear with nothing but a salad fork and has been up close and personal with a 3,000 pound bull elk. Warning: That'snot the only bull is this description. Follow along with Tim and Dave in the morning, Click on the link to find out more about tihis week's show. 


Greg was born in San Francisco at the bargain basement price of $25. How did he make it to mid-Missouri and what is he up to today? Click on the above link to find out more and follow his blog.



Chris is a native Californian, by way of the Tijuana and the Mexican Wrestling Leagues. Oddly, he went from one Mexico to another with a transfer from St. Louis stemming the tide. To see his multi-colored goattee (that he is way proud of) click on the link above.



Cory is a native Higbeean. The town is actually named after him. He then moved to Montgomery City where he lived for years growing to all of 3' tall. Since being hired, first on a part-time basis, and now as the evening talent, he has grown to manhood. Okay, actually to 5'7" but that is close enough for a Higbeean. To see what Higbeean's do in their spare time, click on the link above..



Rowdy is best known as the host of The Orignal Country Gold Show! Check out Rowdy and all your Country Favorites every Saturday night from 7-Midnight. 

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