New Court Document Show Carl DeBrodie Forced to Fight Resident Causing Serious Injuries

Newly released court documents in the Carl Debrodie wrongful death lawsuit show he was forced to physically fight another resident, causing serious injuries.

According to the court records Sherry Paulo a qualified disability professional at Second Chance Homes was assigned with DeBrodie one on one in 2016.

Paulo allegedly took DeBrodie and another Second Chance resident to stay the night at her home in Fulton to do manual labor around the house with no compensation.

Paulo is also accused of making Debrodie and the other resident sleep in her basement with no beds or mattresses, and would force DeBrodie and the other resident to physically fight for her amusement.

The complaint says Debrodie got six broken ribs and other injuries including black eyes and bruises.

The complaint also detailed that some time between October and late Nobember 2016, Anthony Flores who is related to Paulo, heard DeBrodie in the basement screaming, and found him having a seizure.

Paulo is said to have refused to call 911 and placed him into a bathtub with the shower running.

Carl apparently died as a result from the episode after being in the tub for 2 to 3 days placed into a City of Fulton trash can, encased in concrete, and placed into a storage unit.

A jury trial has been scheduled for March 2020.