Five Indicted and Arrested in Carl Debrodie Case

Five defendants are being charged with criminal offenses related to the death of Carl Debrodie and are in police custody as of this (Tuesday) morning.

The Callaway County Prosecuting Attorney’s office says the indictments were unsealed this (Tuesday) morning.

The defendants are 53 year old Sherry K. Paulo who is facing five counts including felony client neglect, first degree manslaughter, felony abandonment of a corpse several Class A Misdemeanors of making a false report of a missing person.

58 year old Anthony R. Flores is facing the same charges,

Anthony R.K. Flores, Shaina A Osborne, and Mary K. Paulo are facing charges of making a false report of a missing person.

All five defendants were taken in to custody by the Fulton Police Department this (Tuesday) morning.

The Callaway County Prosecutor Christopher D. Wilson says he has agreed not to pursue certain state criminal charges against the defendant, as well as other suspects in the investigation, to avoid interference with any federal criminal charges related to healthcare fraud that may be brought by the U.S. Department of Justice.