Darnell Gray’s Mother Pleads For her Son’s Whereabouts

The mother of Darnell Gray came forward in a news conference in Jefferson City this afternoon [Monday] pleading with the public to come forward if they know the location of her son.

Sgt. David Williams said Darnell could be anywhere and police have gotten tips from multiple states.

Law enforcement searching for 4 year old Darnell in Jefferson City is going back to the beginning and looking at statements given by those close to the case.

In a press conference this morning, [Monday] Sgt. David Williams said the family of the missing child has been cooperative.

Williams said he believes someone knows where Darnell is, and he wants them to know they can contact police anonymously through CrimeStoppers.

Williams said at this point it is still a search for a missing child, and not a recovery.

The reward for Darnell’s whereabouts is now $11 thousand.