Former Sturgeon Police Chief’s Attorney Accuses City of Violating Law Again

The attorney of former Sturgeon Police Chief Greg Halderman is accusing the city of violating the law again.

According to Halderman’s attorney Andy Hirth the city placed Halderman on administrative leave the night before he was to be reinstated.

On Friday last week a judge ruled the city reinstate Halderman and provide back pay.

On Monday of this week Halderman was placed on unpaid administrative leave by the city.

The attorney is accusing of the city of Sturgeon of breaking the law by placing Halderman on administrative leave.

The Sturgeon city council fired Halderman in 2017 amidst allegations of alcohol abuse and inappropriate behavior.

The city of Sturgeon is not commenting on the situation and referring all questions to their legal representation of Berry Wilson LLC.