Jefferson City Man Appeals Death Penalty In Front of Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme court is deciding on how to rule on an appeal by a Jefferson City man convicted of murdering his ex-lover and facing the death penalty.

David Hosier appealed his case yesterday (Tuesday).

He was convicted in 2013 for shooting Angela Gilpin and is also charged in the murder of her husband Rodney Gilpin.

According to Hosier’s attorney the evidence in the case is circumstantial with no eyewitnesses, no DNA, no confession and no fingerprints.

Hosier’s attorney also argues that he suffered a stroke in 2007 that affected his brain and increased his depression leading him to commit the murders.

The states attorney says there is overwhelming evidence of guilt, and that events prior to the stroke demonstrate Hosier’s violent tendencies.

The court has not announced a time frame on deciding on the appeal.