Aerial Leak Detected On Audrain County Gas Pipeline

An leak detected by air on the gas pipeline in Audrain County on Missouri 15, one mile north of Mexico is being reported less than 1 and 1/2 miles east from the original explosion site.

Pan Handle Eastern reportedly found bubbles over the pipe while conducting an aerial survey of the Centralia 400 line yesterday (Wednesday).

The city of Mexico was informed as it appears property they own may be impacted.

Work is being done today (Thursday) by WestCon who is mobilizing the site and excavating the line to determine the cause of the leak.

A major gas pipeline explosion happened north of Mexico on Missouri 15 on March 3rd.

Hydro testing on a 15 mile stretch of the pipeline, at Panhandle’s Centralia Compressor Station near Highway Z and ending near Highway J was reported completed and successful by Energy Transfer the owner of Pan Handle Eastern last month.