Audrain County Sheriff Responds To Criticism Over Viral Facebook Post

Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller is responding to criticism over a Facebook post he made in relation to an arrest last week that went viral.

The initial post made on Wednesday last week was about Amanda Smith who drove to the jail on a revoked license to bail out a friend, and while deputies were booking her, they noticed a bag of methemphetamine on her.

In the post Oller said I can’t make this stuff up.

On Saturday Sheriff Oller responded by saying the post was not about Ms. Smith, and went on to say given the circumstances, it would not have mattered who it was, the same thing would have happened on my end.

Oller said the post was not meant to make fun of those dealing with addiction.

He finished by saying as long as someone is putting the safety and security of my staff, the inmates, and the jail at risk, they will be called out for it, regardless of the storm that follows.