Three Charged in Callaway County Sex Crimes Investigation

Three people are facing felony charges for child sex offenses after a Callaway County Sheriff’s Office investigation.

The Callaway County Sheriff’s Department reports 34 year old Tommy Smith Jr., 48 year old Marvin Ridgel and 37 year old Jarrad Vandergrift were arrested and charged with various sexual offenses between May 2nd and May 9th.

A grand jury indicted Smith, on 3 felony counts of First Degree Statutory Rape and Three Counts of First Degree Statutory Sodomy.

Ridgel of New Bloomfield was indicted on 2 felony counts of First Degree Statutory Rape.

Vandergrift of New Bloomfield, is charged with three felony counts of Child Molestation, 3 felony counts of Statutory Sodomy and one felony county of Statutory Rape.