Woman Charged With Animal Abuse After Incident At Mexico Pet Store

A woman in Audrain County is being charged with animal abuse after an incident at a Mexico pet store.

According to court records Taylor Stout is being charged after an incident on July 8th, at Downtown Pet Stop.

The probable cause statement says the business owner, Nancy Buck called authorities after being told by a customer that her dog was sick after a visit to her business.

Video surveillance allegedly shows Stout grooming a Yorkshire terrier, then picking up the dog and slamming it onto the grooming table in an effort to control it.

Another employee reportedly held it down as Stout grabbed one of the dogs ears and shook its head.

Stout then lifts the dog over her head and slams it on the table three times according to court documents.

The probable cause statement says Sheriff Matt Oller is then called by the owners of the dog, who told him employees said their dog had suffered a seizure while at the groomers.

The dog was then taken to the University of Missouri Vet Clinic because it was lethargic and vomiting.

Stout requested an attorney when being interviewed by authorities.