Centralia Police Officer Charged In Pursuing Sex With Minor Case

A Centralia police officer is now charged of pursuing sex with a minor.

According to court documents 41 year old Clint Baer was charged in federal court yesterday (Tuesday) after contacting someone he thought was the mother of a 14 year old girl through a social media site called FetLife.

Baer was actually communicating with an undercover FBI agent.

Apparently since March Baer communicated in sexually explicit ways with the undercover agent both on the phone and online, where he expressed his wish to have sex with both the 14 year old girl and the mother, with whom he thought he was talking to.

On Monday this week, Baer reportedly drove from Centralia to Wentzville to meet up with who he thought was the mother and daughter at a bar.

However, agents set up a surveillance and Baer was arrested.

According to the Centralia Police Department Baer’s employment was terminated yesterday (Tuesday).