Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism Frustrated With Missouri Department Of Corrections

Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism is growing increasingly frustrated with the Missouri Department of Corrections decisions on letting parole violators go after issuing warrants for their arrests.

Chism wrote a lengthy letter and posted to his Facebook page last week, essentially calling it a catch and release program.

One example is John Garrett who was booked into the Callaway County Jail on December 11th after violating his parole.

2 days later a Missouri Department of Corrections Officer met with Garrett and decided to release him.

On December 28th, Garrett led Boone and Callaway County deputies on a high speed chase and nearly hit a Fulton Police Department officer.

A communications director for the Missouri Department of Corrections says it is impossible for the department to accurately predict human behavior.

Chism said the sheriff’s are doing their job, we are asking the Department of Corrections to do their job.