Who Should Host the CMA Awards?

Carrie Underwood has recently announced she will not be hosting this year’s Country Music Awards. The CMA’s are the highlight of the country music award circuit and replacing her won’t be easy.

Who should host the CMA Awards? Here are my thoughts.

Brad Paisley does a great job and is a naturally funny person, but he and Carrie Underwood have hosted the event eleven times, and she has said she wants to take a break.

Vince Gill hosted several years in a row, and has indicated it was an honor, but he would like to see others get a chance.

Reba has been a part of the Academy of Country Music Awards for many years.

How about someone that is not in country music, but has an appreciation for the genre, like Tom Hanks?

Tracy Lawrence did a great job hosting Nashville Now when Ralph Emery had to be absent, but he is probably not recognizable enough for a mainstream audience.

I posed that question on the air, and we had several suggest that George Strait would be a fantastic host. I have a feeling King George would decline. He is a shy person that doesn’t really enjoy doing interviews or meet and greets and forced humor isn’t exactly in his wheelhouse.

We could use the format the Masters Golf Tournament imposes where the previous year’s winners presents the Green Jacket to the current winner. With regard to the CMA’s, that would mean last year’s entertainer of the year would host the current year’s show. I would be OK with Garth Brooks as host. The indecision.. or, dare I say danger, is always in who wins next year?