Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day. I always remember Valentine’s Day from school. Do you remember giving Valentines to every member of the class in school? Boys and Girls. The only problem we had back then is that some families couldn’t afford it. The teacher always made it clear that it was optional, but it always turned into a popularity contest. Not sure how that is handled in today’s classrooms. It wouldn’t seem to be politically correct, unless everyone got a valentine, which is a great idea. More of the “No Child Left Behind” Movement?

For adults, the question is who do you give a Valentine’s Card to? If you are married, the answer is simple…your spouse, but what if you are single? If you are in a committed relationship, you might be able to get away with sending a card to your mom, otherwise the answer is your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I’m single and I’ve always given Valentine’s Cards to all the single women in the office. They always seem to appreciate it and no one has ever told me it wasn’t appropriate. I see it as a gesture of friendship. I might even throw in a small box of chocolates or some candy hearts. It’s all light-hearted (no pun intended) and harmless because I choose a funny card and never write anything “mushy.”

So make someone’s day, and give them a card (where appropriate), or if nothing else, a smiling “Happy Valentine’s Day” will do.