Colorado Man Exposed to COVID-19 Arraigned in Boone County Courtroom

A Colorado man who had been exposed to COVID-19 and allegedly spit on sheriff’s is now arraigned after appearing in a Boone County courtroom yesterday.

According to court records 31 year old Daniel Weaver was arrested at the Midway Budget Inn on Friday while carrying a butcher knife, nunchucks, and a large sword in his belt.

Deputies were called to the Budget Inn on Highway 40 for a report of a suspicious person and say Weaver was belligerent and uncooperative.

Weaver told deputies he was traveling to South Carolina after being released from the Denver County Jail where he contracted the virus.

Court records show he presented proof he was exposed on April 19th and was told to quarantine until May 4th.

A deputy says Weaver threw a bottle of juice and hit him while they were talking and when they tried to put Weaver in the patrol vehicle, he tried to pull away while spitting and coughing on them.

Weaver is currently being held in the Boone County Jail without bond as a danger to the community. A felony case review is scheduled for May 27th.