Governor Parson Announces Show Me Strong Recovery Plan

Governor Mike Parson is announcing his Show Me Strong Recovery Plan to reopen the state starting May 4th and extending through May 31st.

Parson announced yesterday the plan includes expanding testing capacity and volume in state and reserve of PPE by opening supply chains, expanding health care system capacity as needed, and using data to predict outbreaks.

The ten person gathering limit is waived in the new plan, however Missourians will still have to practice social distancing requirements which includes maintaining six feet apart.

All businesses will be allowed to reopen under the plan.

The social distancing requirements do not apply to workers that require contact with other people closer than 6 feet, however they should take enhanced precautionary measures to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19.

Restaurant dining rooms can open with at least 6 feet between tables and no more than 10 people seated at one table.