Company Mailing Postcards Advertising 2020 Audrain County Plat Books Not Associated With Audrain County

The Audrain County Assessor’s office says a new 2020 Audrain County Plat Book is not associated with Audrain County.

According to an email sent out today from the Audrain County Assessor’s Office postcards are being mailed out by Rockford Map Publishers, a company out of Rockford, Illinois, advertising a 2020 Plat Book is not associated with Audrain County and none of the profits from the map are returned to Audrain County.

The assessors office says the last update they have done on the Plat Book was 2019 and they can be purchased from the University of Missouri Extension Office for $30.

The profits go to the 4-H Foundation, which help the 4-H kids in Audrain County.

Anyone with questions about the Plat Books are asked to contact the Assessor’s Office at 573-473-5827.