Audrain County Sheriff’s Department Releases Statement On Planned Vigil And Protest in Mexico Tonight

This is a release posted on the Audrain County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page this morning.

The Audrain County Sheriff’s Office is aware that there have been numerous conversations through social media about vigils or protests occurring in Mexico on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

We have adjusted our staffing levels and have coordinated with other area emergency responders, to include the Mexico Public Safety Department and other Sheriffs in the region pursuant to RSMo 57.111.

Our intent is to not become involved unless warranted, nor give the appearance of interfering with anyone’s First Amendment Rights. That said, given recent events around the country, prudence demands we monitor the situation. Our mission is to attempt to make every effort to ensure the safety of life, property AND Constitutional Rights.

Even though we may be standing at a distance, understand we’re still standing with our community and those exercising their rights.