The Ultimate Wake Up Call

I’m not going to try to play down the severity of the Coronavirus. It has been a wake up call for not only our nation, but the whole world. Experts call it the new normal. We could have said the same thing after 9-11. Remember the heightened security in the weeks after the bombing, and then nobody talked about any more and we went about our life as if nothing ever happened. Eventually Covid-19 will not be the headline, but it’ll still be with us, so hopefully we have learned something from this experience.

First of all, we should’ve been washing our hands more any way, and while it may not be practical to keep up social distancing, we need to use common sense by not coughing in someone’s face or sneeze without covering up. It’s also a good idea to sanitize our shopping carts and door handles. I hope stores realize this and keep it up from now on.

There’s an old saying, “We can’t appreciate the sunshine without a little rain.” It seems like the little things like going to the store, or driving on an open highway are just more pleasurable. I find myself paying more attention to the scenery than I used to. I appreciate the smell of a spring rain and my flowering dogwood tree, and just like after 9-11 I find myself clinging to my family and friends (from a six-foot distance for now.)

I am a born again Christian but I don’t read my Bible regularly, but you know what? I’m taking my Pastor’s advice and reading the book of Matthew, and after just seven verses, I’m learning new things. I highly recommend the Good Book or at least a good book, because you have to keep your mind sharp as well as your body in times of the ultimate wake up call.