Randolph County Sheriff’s Department Employee Terminated After Body Camera Video was Leaked to a Civilian

A Randolph County Sheriff’s Department employee is now fired following an incident where a body camera video was leaked to a civilian and later posted online.

According to the Randolph County Sheriff Mark Nichols, the video shows a person making a harassment complaint against a sheriff’s department employee.

Nichols says the person later retracted the complaint, however releasing the body camera video is in violation of department policy, and the employee was terminated.

According to KOMU News the video was posted to YouTube by Will Barger, a candidate for Randolph County Sheriff who works with the Vandalia Police Department.

The complaint on the video was made against Sgt. Chris Wertz, a Randolph County Sheriff’s Department employee who is also running for Sheriff.

Wertz and Barger, along with Aaron Wilson, will challenge for the Republican nomination, in the August primary, with the winner moving on the the general election in November.