Audrain County Election Results

Over three thousand ballots cast with a 25.83 percent voter turnout in Audrain County yesterday (Tuesday).

Out of the 15,082 registered voters in the county 70 percent voted a Republican ballot, while 27 percent voted Democratic.

Audrain County voters in the Republican party overwhelmingly supported Mike Parson as their nominee for governor, Mike Kehoe for Lieutenant Governor, Vicky Hartzler for US Rep Dist 4, and Kent Haden who was running unopposed for State Rep Dist 43.

Locally Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller who was running unopposed received 2,462 votes.

Todd Yager running unopposed for county coroner received 2,433 votes yesterday.

Alan Winders running unopposed for Eastern Commissioner in Audrain County received 1,042 votes, and Tracy Graham running unopposed for Western District Commissioner in Audrain County received 1,270 votes.

On the Democratic side in Audrain County voters overwhelmingly selected Nicole Galloway as their nominee for governor.

Melissa Maupin running unopposed for county assessor received 930 votes.

And Connie Hagan who was running unopposed for public administrator received 937 votes.