Angry Tweets

Do you Tweet with Twitter? Are you part of the many social networks? Then you’re no doubt familiar with angry, and/or hateful Tweets or Facebook posts. I don’t know why some “choose” to do that… Not realizing that “they’re much better than that stupid behavior”.

And When the weather gets hot, some of us tend to get “a little hot under the collar”, so you’d think it only stands to reason, if the weather’s hot, more angry texts, but that may not be the case.

There’s recent evidence out of an Australian University that shows how “angry tweets” occurred more often if we have “cold weather”, or if it’s Monday.

Of course we’ve got a little while before winter begins, but plenty o’ Mondays, all year long, right? So if you’re feeling frustrated, and want to take out some aggression on social media, this coming Monday could be your day.

Regardless the day you read this, be happy and have a great day!