Governor Parson Announces Partnership With Vizient for Healthcare Workers

Missouri’s frontline health workers will be getting help through a 12-week partnership between Missouri and the nation’s leading healthcare performance improvement company, Vizient.

In a press conference this evening (Wednesday), Governor Parson said CARES Act funding will pay for the additional help through the end of the year with hospital partners picking up the remainder of he funding needed.

Missouri Hospital Association President Herb Kuhn said that hospitals might be able to use part of the CARES Act funding money they’ve received to pay their part.

The partnership will bring up to 760 Vizient registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and certified nursing assistants into Missouri and expand hospital capacity by up to 600 beds statewide.

Since the pandemic began, Missouri has waived over 600 regulations, and is recognizing licensed providers that are licensed in other states without having to certify in Missouri after arriving.