Mexico Ammunition Company Being Sued in Federal Court Over Fraud Allegations

A Mexico ammunition dealer is being accused of fraud in a complaint filed in the United States District Court for Eastern District of California.

Anatolian Arms, is accused of fraud unfair business practices.

A complaint was filed recently on behalf of the Sacramento Gun Club and demands a refund totaling $284,239.75 for ammunition that was bought in advance however not delivered.

According to a report from the Mexico Ledger Anatolian Arms delivered a portion of the order in October amounting to over 80,000 rounds.

Court records indicate the Sacramento Gun Club was invoiced on July 10th and September 15th for a total of 740,000 rounds of assorted caliber.

Anatolian Arms owner Will Johnson told the Mexico Ledger that the entire ammunition manufacturing industry is facing shortages and delays in the wake of unprecedented demand.

Court documents indicate repeated demands for a refund from Anatolian Arms have gone unanswered.

Anatolian Arms is located at 415 East Liberty in Mexico and they have retained a federal defense firm based in Fort Worth Texas.