Vehicle Thefts in Mexico Could be Linked to Large Group From the St. Louis Area

An investigation is underway in Mexico after three vehicles were stolen over the weekend.

According to Mexico Public Safety they learned of the vehicles being stolen during the overnight hours of Saturday, January 16th.

One was in the 700 block of Quisenberry, one was in the 900 block of Lakeview, and one was in the 1500 block of Ringo.

The department says at least 2 of the vehicles were unlocked with the keys inside at the time of the theft. Public Safety says a similar incident happened during the overnight hours of November 9th and 10th, in 2020.

At that time, 4 people came to Mexico in a white SUV, and found unlocked vehicles they could either take or take valuables from.

Public Safety says the individuals stole 3 vehicles and apparently took them to the St. Louis area.

The Mexico Public Safety Department says they have been working with other area law enforcement agencies in an effort to identify the individuals, who seem to be part of a larger group doing the same thing in St. Louis area.