Mexico Wrestlers Compete in Quad Action Friday and Pick Up Wins

Mexico wrestlers come up with wins yesterday in a quad with Brookfield, Kirksville, and Palmyra.

On the girls side, Katie Bowen, Kaylynn Pehle, Choice Foster, and Ivy Perez picked up wins over Brookfield, against Kirksville it was Bowen, Foster and Perez with wins joined by Abbigale Drew and Brett Iman.

In the battle against Palmyra, Bowen, Pehle, Foster, Perez, and Iman all picked up wins.

On the boys side, against Brookfield, Ricardo Juarez, Keith Ransom, Gavyn Martin, Morgan Grubb, Jokiah Sewell, Emille Scanavino and Keegan Koons were victorious.

As the boys wrestled Kirksville, Juarez, Ransom, Sewell, Grubb and Koons picked up their second win and were joined by Cameron Beasley, Terrell Williamss, and Deacon Haag.

Juarez, Ransom, Beasley, Williams, Sewell, Scanavino and Dylan Mosley all came away with wins over Palmyra.