Mexico Ammunition Shop Owner Addresses Mexico City Council Over Business License Renewal

A Mexico ammunition company is taking issue with City of Mexico after being their business license renewal will be denied by the City of Mexico.

Anatolian Arms CEO, William Johnson spoke during the pubic comments portion of the Mexico City Council meeting last night (Monday) and says he received a letter yesterday (Monday) from the City of Mexico.

Mexico City Manager Bruce Slagle says the zoning code states what is permitted in certain zoning districts not what is not permitted and manufacturing of ammunition would be listed in an industrial zone.

Slagle says a notice was sent out by the Mexico Planning and Zoning Commission.

Slagle says an appeal can be made to the Mexico Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Johnson says he does plan on appealing the decision.

Anatolian Arms is located at 415 East Liberty in Mexico, the current business license permit at that location expires at the end of June.