Expert Witnesses Testify in Day Three of James Addie Trial

The trial of the Monroe County man accused of killing his soon to be wife continued yesterday (Wednesday) in a Cole County courtroom with a few experts testifying.

James Addie is charged with killing his soon to be wife, Molly Watson, who was found on a rural road outside her car on April 27, 2018, near the intersection of Route M and Highway 151 in the Middle Grove Area.

Addie had been married for 22 years to a different woman. Jason Crafton who works in the Firearm and Tool Marks division of the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab took the stand yesterday, and testified that the tire impression found at the scene matched the tire pulled from Addie’s car.

Dr. Carl Stacy, a forensic pathologist and faculty member at the University of Missouri, conducted the autopsy of Watson and said he determined the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

The trial continues today.