Mexico Woman Charged With Animal Abuse to Appear in Courtroom Friday Morning

A Mexico woman charged with animal abuse is set to appear in a Boone County courtroom this morning (Friday).

Taylor Stout was charged with animal abuse by torture in July of 2019 by Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger.

A change of venue in the case moved it to Boone County.

Authorities accuse Stout and James Johns of abusing animals at a downtown pet shop in Mexico.

According to a probable cause statement a customer told the business owner that their dog was ill following a visit to the shop in July of 2019 and after the owner watched the surveillance video the police were called.

Stout is accused of repeatedly slamming a Yorkshire Terrier on a table in an effort to control it and is accused of holding the terrier down while she and Johns shook it by the ears.

Stout is scheduled for a status hearing this morning in Columbia at 10:30.