Fulton Woman Suspected to be a Victim of Kidnapping Arrested in Illinois

The Fulton woman that was a suspected victim of a kidnapping has been arrested in Illinois.

According to the Fulton Police Department Tori Taylor was found in Centralia, Illinois yesterday (Tuesday) and taken into custody on 2 outstanding warrants from Missouri.

Taylor made contact with her family just before 9 last night (Tuesday).

Fulton Police was then contacted and her location found around 11:15.

Fulton Police originally believed Taylor was a victim of kidnapping.

She was last seen in Montgomery County for a virtual court date on April 20th.

She then borrowed a car from a friend in Fulton on April 21st and said she would return it the next day.

Police responded to a possible kidnapping on April 26th where security footage showed 3 men pulling a woman into a gray or dark colored Dodge Charger on 10th Street in Fulton.

This investigation is ongoing and further information will be released at a later date.