Golf Talk With Greg Holman – #41

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August is National Golf Month and I was asked to give golf lessons to my first cousin and her husband and their daughters and boyfriends. They would like playing lessons because they all just joined their local country club. I think I will take them two at a time on the second course I grew up on as a teenager. If you are new to the game of golf in addition to the swing it’s important you learn golf etiquette. So here are some of the rules to follow so that you won’t upset more advanced golfers in your group or more importantly passionate members playing in the group behind you.

  • Be ready to play when it’s your turn or when you’re out.
  • Watch each others shots. You only have three minutes to look for a lost ball.
  • Don’t take mulligans or practice shots on the course. Do your practicing on the range.
  • If you are taking a cart keep them 30 feet away from tees and greens unless otherwise specified.
  • When in a hazard like a sand trap or playing across a body of water, try once to get it out or over the water then take a drop.
  • As you approach the green pick your feet up and don’t scuff the green.
  • Repair your ball mark. You can purchase a divot-fixer for 50 cents or a dollar. Dig under the ball mark and lay the sod over the mark then tap it down with your putter. If a divot-fixer isn’t available you can use a tee.
  • Do not step in another player’s line. In other words avoid stepping in the path that another player’s ball would take between where it lies on the green and the hole. The footprint may give the other golfer a disadvantage.
  • Mark your ball with a ball marker or a small coin. Place it directly behind your ball and then lift your ball so that it isn’t blocking the hole for someone else.
  • Be careful when removing the flagstick. Lift it straight up and place it don’t throw it on the green away from the action.
  • Replace the flagstick. Don’t slam it in the hole.
  • You will naturally play slower than a more experienced golfer so allow faster players to play through. Wave them on and give them a wide berth.
  • If you are playing with a more experienced golfer don’t talk while he is playing a shot and remain still on the green. These are a few pointers that will make the game more fun for everyone.
  • Buy the drinks at the end of the round. You’ll be asked to play again. at the conclusion of the round, remove your hat and give knuckles or shake hands if your are fully vaccinated.

Hit ’em straight!