Cases of RSV Surging At Mexico Urgent Care Clinic

An unusual surge in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus is being seen in the Mexico area.

Dr. Simon Mckeown, director of Noble Health Urgent Care in Mexico says RSV is usually only seen in the winter months and the symptoms mimic COVID-19.

Dr. Mckeown says health recommendations and school district policies are already in place, and are set up in a way that should mitigate confusion.

He is also recommending clinics to consider performing a rapid RSV test along with a COVID test on all patients with symptoms.

Dr. Mckeown also says the CDC warned us serveral weeks ago that there would be an unusual surge in RSV cases this summer.

The recent RSV case age range was from 5 months to 63 years. We had an 84-year-old test positive for RSV a couple of weeks ago.