City of Centralia Will Be Looking For New Chief After Bob Bias Turns In Resignation

The City of Centralia will be looking for a new police chief after Bob Bias turned in his letter of resignation last week.

According to reports from ABC 17 Centralia city administrator Heather Russell said Chief Bias will no longer be with the department effective October 10th.

Russell and Centralia Mayor Chris Cox are saying they can not discuss the details, citing personnel matters.

Mayor Cox says they will announce an interim chief for the time being while they search for a new police chief.

Heather Russell also confirmed an additional officer resigned last week however could not discuss the details of that resignation either.

Mayor Cox says the city will go through due process to find a new police chief, however the search has not started yet.

Bias previously worked in Centralia as a part time police officer in 2005, and eventually was hired as a full time sergeant promoted to Lieutenant and left in 2016 when he took the position of the Hallsville Chief of Police.

Bias started serving as chief in Centralia on September 3rd, 2018.