Bankruptcy Court Hearing Scheduled for Current Owners of Mexico and Fulton Hospitals

A bankruptcy court hearing is scheduled to take place today (Tuesday), May 23rd in Kansas City against the current owners of the hospital in Mexico and Fulton.

Central Bank of Midwest has over seven million dollars in principal owed to them plus interest and other costs from Noble Health Real Estate II, LLC now owned by Pasture Medical Group.

This group is the entity that owns the hospital buildings in Mexico and Fulton and real estate and clinics in Perry, Wellsville, and Montgomery County.

Two motions are being filed in the hearing.

The first motion is by Central Bank of Midwest asking to permit a foreclosure sale.

The second is a motion by Central Bank asking the Chapter 11 bankruptcy by transferred to Chapter 7 which would allow the properties to be liquidated.

Pasture Medical Group, Noble Health Real Estate has submitted an outline asking for time to reorganize the facility to bring it up to code and work on a certificate of need.

Pasture Medical Group has hired a CEO and engineer to see about the cost of bringing the hospital building up to code to reopen.

The court is not expected to rule immediately.

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