Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism Pre-Trial Conference Monday

Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism is set to appear in a Randolph County courtroom today (Monday) for a pre-trial conference after he was accused of driving while intoxicated in October 2022.

According to online court records Chism is being charged with two misdemeanors including DWI and resisting arrest.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department claims Chism crashed his personal vehicle into a concrete barrier in an Arby’s parking lot in Randolph County in October.

Callaway County Sheriff’s Department said he was not on duty at the time of the crash.

Attorney Travis Noble who is representing Chism says that Chism was not driving however just sitting in his vehicle with the engine off and having a drink while he waited for someone to pick him up.

Chism plead not guilty at his first court hearing in November.

In June, Chism was removed as sheriff after his Peace Officer’s license was suspended.

Complaints have also been filed regarding Chism’s alcohol use.

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