Students and Parents From Ralls County R-II School District Protest in Support of Mark Twain High School Principal

There is still no confirmation from the Ralls County R-II School District as to what is happening with Mark Twain High School principal Deacon Windsor, following a closed session school board meeting last night (Thursday).

According to reports from, controversy has surrounded the school district after a confrontation between Windsor and school resource officer Deputy Chris Walokta in connection to a vehicle accident that happened off campus on September 28th.

According to a social media post from Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson, Deputy Walokta was reportedly asked to leave his post at the school to help with the accident-which Stinson says would have been improper – leading to the disagreement.

Many students and parents participated in a peaceful protest yesterday (Thursday) with the hopes that Windsor remains principal at the Mark Twain High School.

The school board has 72 hours before they have to make their discussion in closed session public knowledge.

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