Mexico Man Arrested for Arson Following Mexico Handi-Shop Fire

A Mexico man is facing multiple charges after an arrest in connection to a fire at the Audrain County Handi-Shop property in Mexico.

According to Mexico Public Safety they responded to the 500 block of East Liberty just before 7am on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

Responding personnel found a storage building burning on the back of the property.

The building contained wooden pallets, cardboard bales, and plastic storage containers, and had more items stacked around it.

Mexico Public Safety and Hani-Shop staff worked together to remove the items from the building and extinguished the burning material.

The building was completely destroyed.

Mexico Public Safety says an investigation indicated that someone had broken into the storage building to sleep and used an open flame and propane camping grill for light and heat.

36-year-old Devn M. Heniz was arrested later in the day for 1st Degree Trespassing, Third Degree Arson, and Resisting Arrest.

He was taken to the Audrain County Jail.

There were no injuries from the incident.

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