Mexico Woman Accused of Assaulting a Victim With a Hammer in Boone County

A Mexico woman is being held without bond in the Boone County Jail after an arrest last week for multiple felony offenses.

According to court documents and reporting from KRCG 13, 32-year-old Kenda Skouby, had been staying with an acquaintance on occasion with her children and another adult.

Last week on Friday, January 19, Skouby and the victim reportedly got into an argument where they had asked Skouby to leave the home.

The victim said after she left, she returned with her daughter and another person and Skouby was allegedly armed with a hammer.

According to a witness they saw Skouby then use a wooden baton and hit the victim multiple times.

Court documents state she had her daughter take belongings from the victim’s home and ordered her to put them into the car to flee the scene.

When officers arrived they reported seeing broken televisions, shattered mirrors, and tables flipped with numerous holes in the walls of the home.

Multiple items were reported stolen from the home including a cell phone worth over $1,000, credit cards, and other items that had yet to be accounted for at the time of the report.

Prosecutors have charged her with First Degree Robbery, First Degree Property Damage, Second Degree Assault, and Stealing of $750 or more.

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