Arrest Warrant Issued for Audrain County Business Employee Accused of Stealing Over One Hundred Thousand Dollars in Deposits

A Benton City woman has been charged after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of bank deposits from a Mexico, Missouri business.

A warrant was issued on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 for Terry Davenport of Benton City, who was charged with stealing more than $25,000.

A $100,000 bond was set.

A court date has not been set.

According to the probable cause statement, owners of the business, which was not named in court documents, told law enforcement that they received multiple calls from clients saying their checks were not being cashed.

The owners told police that Davenport was in charge of the deposits.

The owners allegedly told law enforcement that they confronted Davenport on December 15th.

They allegedly told her that they knew she was in possession of several months worth of deposits, which she allegedly admitted to, stating it was her fault and wanted to pay the money back, according to court records.

After a review of bank statements and income report from 2021-2023 law enforcement reportedly saw $35,367.63 in cash and $671.04 in checks not deposited in 2021.

$34,457.10 in cash and $3,020.99 in checks not deposited in 2022.

And $20,218.64 in cash and $6,614.21 in checks not deposited in 2023.

Mexico Public Safety confirmed to KWWR News that Davenport was not an employee of a bank or a financial institution. Mexico Public Safety said she was an employee of the business that she is accused of stealing the deposits.

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