Bankruptcy Court Grants Motion to Start Foreclosure Proceedings on Noble/Ziva Owned Properties Including Mexico Hospital Building

Foreclosure proceedings may move forward on Noble Health facilities in Audrain, Montgomery and Ralls Counties following a bankruptcy hearing held on Thursday, May 10, 2024.

Judge Norton of the Bankruptcy court granted the Motion of Central Bank of the Midwest to begin Foreclosure proceedings on the hospital building in Mexico and clinics in Montgomery and Ralls Counties owned by Noble/Ziva.

The bank can now establish a timeline for the foreclosure sales which would happen in these counties.

The Court had previously entered an order granting Administrative Expense status for the 2023 real estate taxes totaling around $440,000 owed to Audrain County.

Noble/Ziva sought to object to this order, this was overruled by the Court.

A priority lien has been placed on the property taxes owed and would be settled once the properties have been sold.

This is a developing news story with more details to come.

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