Another Goat On the Run in Mexico, MO

Another Goat On the Run in Mexico, MO

A goat is on the loose in Mexico, MO again.

Over the past several days a goat has been spotted in the area of the Missouri Military Academy, the Highway 54 underpass near the radio station and neighborhoods around the Oaks.

Mexico Public Safety Major Brice Mesko says animal control officers are aware of the goat and have been trying to capture the elusive goat, however have no idea who it belongs to.

Mesko says that officers will not be chasing the goat, unless it poses a hazard to traffic.

This isn’t the first time a renegade goat has been on the run in the city of Mexico.

In 2010 a goat garnered plenty of news headlines for being on the loose.

It eluded capture from August 21, to September 3rd that year.

It was named Billy Goat Gruff and someone even started a Facebook Page for that goat that had more than 8,000 fans.

KXEO Radio reported in 2010 that a man named Mervin Beechy noticed the goat Tuesday afternoon while he was driving around the eastern Missouri town of Mexico.

Beechy fetched his trailer and horse and returned to the area. He told KXEO that he only had to chase the goat on horseback for about a quarter-mile before lassoing him.

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