Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic to Hold Event at Capitol Bluffs Event Center

Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic to Hold Event at Capitol Bluffs Event Center

This morning, attorney Martha Bradley, an MU graduate, came to speak with us about the Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic.

She explained that the clinic offers free guidance and aid to veterans who are struggling with VA disability or discharge upgrades, which will help them access benefits. They even have a traveling group called “Tigers for Troops” who will travel anywhere in the state to meet with veterans in rural areas. The program is available to those who cannot travel, either online or by telephone. The clinic offers semester credit to Mizzou law students in a real world environment as well.

Martha noted that, on their own, it might take 5-7 years for a vet to unscramble red tape, if they can do it at all. Many of them are nearly homeless, having exhausted all their resources trying to make it without VA benefits and can’t wait that long. The clinic has only been around for eight years so we were completely taken aback when she stated that they have recovered more than $10 million in benefits for our soldiers in those years.

They also have an exhaustive list of contacts to help vets with other issues, housing, addictions, counseling, etc.

September 15th they are holding an open house type of event at Capitol Bluffs Event Center on Turkey Creek. There will be free golf and fishing as well as a lunch. Lawyers will be standing by to help vets get started on their processing, too. You can find out more on Facebook under Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic, veteransclinic.missouri.edu, or by calling 573-882-5733.

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