KWWR Sports Report 1/3/23

Viewers of last night’s Monday Night Football game witnessed something that rarely happens.

With just under six minutes left in the first quarter, Bills safety Damar Hamlin tackled Tee Higgins with Higgins then falling on Hamlin.

Hamlin got up and then collapsed on the field where medical personnel administered CPR and utilized an AED to get Hamlin’s pulse back.

He was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where according to the Bills early this morning, “Damar Hamlin… is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.”

The game has been postponed and most of the Bills returned home last night, although a few remained in Cincinnati to be with Hamlin and his family.

Talks of rescheduling the game have not happened according to the NFL.

NFL VP of communications, public affairs and policy Jeff Miller said, “our concern is with the player and his wellbeing.”

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