Inbound Marketing Welcome to the New Age of Advertising

Everything is different, yet, everything is still the same. Yes, the platforms are changing and sometimes on a daily basis, but, the key to advertising remains the same. So how do you get your message out and do so in a cost friendly way?

Today that means driving people to your store, and driving people to your online store. Don’t have an online store? Wrong. Your website is always selling your brand whether you have a “Store” or not. Just like your facebook page is. How is it doing? Need an online evaluation?

MIX Country 96 is proud to announce we’ve partnered with Dan Barker and his 20+ online years of marketing. His TNT Production Company has re-branded as Clipper Inbound Marketing and together Clipper Inbound Marketing and MIX Country 96 can help your business grow into the new age of consumerism.




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