Golf Talk With Greg Holman – #56

If you’ve lived in Missouri any amount of time you know that the Show-Me State is not conducive to golf in December, January and February. Typically only the hearty souls venture out during those three months out of the year.

As I am writing this, the weather has been unusually mild and the courses in Missouri have been swamped, but it will not last. Where I live in Mexico, MO, we have several groups of snow birds that travel to various resorts in Florida, Alabama and especially Mississippi where prices are reasonable for small groups.

If you are eager to get out of the Tundra, check out these average temperatures for December: Mobile, Alabama, 63 for a high and 45 for a low. Biloxi, Mississippi, also 63 for a high and 48 for a low. And in Orlando, the average high is 74 and the low is 54. And if you want to be assured to have warm weather all week, head to Miami where the typical high is 76 with a low of 65. The Smokey Mountains are a little sketchy in December with an average high of 50 and a low of 31. You would be just as warm in Little Rock at 55 degrees or catching a playable day in Branson at 48 degrees.

By the way, the average high in Mexico, MO in December is 40 degrees, and when it comes to golf, especially if the sun is out and the wind is down, eight degrees can make a big difference. So you really don’t have to travel that for south to enjoy a round of golf on a normal December day.

Wherever you go, hit ’em straight!

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