Golf Talk With Greg Holman – #66

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Today I wanted to talk about the do’s and don’ts of playing golf in March in Mid-Missouri.

First there is the preparation. It begins with getting the gear ready. Go ahead and clean your clubs and wipe off your shoes because chances are you didn’t store them properly. Just toss any of your gloves that have holes in them, are slick or are just plain worn out. Those are some of the do’s, but don’t play with new Titleist’s.

Wash some off brand balls or your older Titleist’s before you go to the course because you are probably going to lose several balls even if you find the fairway. Make sure you have a couple of clean towels on your bag too.

Call the course to find out if it’s open. Remember they may not allow riding carts so be prepared to walk. It may be a good idea to only play nine holes for the first round of the season.

Get yourself mentally prepared. It may be a nice day but chances are it’s going to be windy and the course will not be in very good shape. Take a three-quarter swing, especially until you get warmed up. Plus a slower shorter swing will promote a lower ball flight into the wind.

On the putting green, rap the ball firmly and don’t play as much break as you would think. The idea is to just get some reps in. You may not even want to keep score. If you do, have a realistic goal. If you are a bogie golfer, settle for 50.

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